Introduction of Hebei North University

        Hebei North University is a provincial-administrated multi-faculty university, which can grant Batchlor Academic Degree and Master Academic Degree.

  The University was founded in May 2003, approved by Ministry of Education and combined from former three provincial-administrated institutions of higher learning in Zhangjiakou: Zhang jiakou Medical College(ZJKMC), Zhangjiakou Teacher¨s College(ZJKTC), Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School(ZJKAPAS). It¨s only multi-faculty university in the north of Hebei Province.  

        The former of Zhangjiakou Medical College(ZJKMC) was Bethune Hygiene Health School with Jinchaji Military Command, promoted to undergraduate college in 1982 and successfully passes undergraduate course teaching evaluation sponsored by the Ministry of Education. The former Zhangjiakou Teacher¨s College was founded in 1923 and the former Zhangjiakou Advanced Postsecondary Agronomy School(ZJKAPAS) in 1954. All the three colleges have long history of school-running and contribute greatly to talents education, knowledge creation and social development. 

        The main courses of the university focus on full-time undergraduate education together with postgraduate, postsecondary and adult education. At present, all the registered students are 31,000.  

        Up to now, the university has educated more than54,000 students for the nation and more then one hundred oversea students for 29 countries.  

        The university boasts ten colleges, they are: Medical Technology College, Medical College, the first Clinical Medicine College, the Second Clinical Medicine College, Literature College, Science College, Agronomy and Horticulture College, Veterinary Medicine College, Foreign Language College and Adult Education College. And also three teaching departments, two scientific research center as well as eight affiliated teaching departments exist in the university.  

        The university posses a strong teaching force with 2900 on staff. It owns equipment for teaching and scientific research valued $ 13 million, books 150millon volumes in the library, as well as two affiliated hospitals and two non affiliated hospitals with 3000 patient beds. The first affiliated hospital, situated at the intersection of Hebei Province, Shanxi Province, Beijing and Inner Mongolia, is the first-class hospital with excellent environment and advanced infrastructure and equipment.  

        The existing academic areas of the university cover ten academic classifications, which are medicine, agronomy, literature, pedagogy, law, management science, history, economics, science and engineering, belonging to 76 academic areas of undergraduate and postsecondary specialized schooling. The clinical medicine is a traditional and specialized academic area, and while medical laboratory test and medical information management and information system were first set up among the universities in Huabei District, so did the forensic medicine among the universities in Hebei province.  

        The graduates have been appreciated by the employers all the time, and schooling quality have been approved by the society. Up to now, the employment rate for medicine undergraduates occupies front rank among the universities, while the employment rate of medical laboratory test undergraduates is 100% and the supply of all agronomy undergraduates falls short of demand.  

        After many years of development, we have possessed numerous superior academic areas, such as pathology and pathophysiology, human anatomy, histology and embryology, pharmacology, clinical laboratory test diagnostics, mathematics, computer application, Chinese literature and linguistics, animal and plant reproduction, and veterinary, which are of certain influence in Hebei province, even in the whole country. The papers taken by Science Citation Index have been increasing year by year and the ability of blazing new trails has been raised in the university. Pathology and pathophysiology, human anatomy, histology and embryology, pharmacology, aetiology, crop cultivation and plowing, TCL internal medicine, preventive veterinary, ancient Chinese literature and basic mathematics are key academic areas in the university. Among them, we can grant Master¨s degree in pathophysiology, human anatomy, histology and embryology, pharmacology, microbiology and immunology.  

        Pathophysiology and experimental diagnostics are two provincial elite courses. Pathophysiological division of the university takes the national lead in conducting lymphatic micro-circulation investigation in vivo, of which physiological and pathological investigation in lymphatic micro-circulation is characteristic and advantageous in Hebei province, with its research achievements being internationally advanced and getting provicial awards many times.  

        The staff of the university actively investigate and study the teaching methods of improving students¨ ability of blazing new trails and raising their quality, and have been receiving better result. According to the talents¨ education requirements of Broadening the Knowledge, Enforcing the Basic Knowledge, Improving the Ability, Raising the Quality, the courses teaching plan has been revised, the ratio between the compulsory courses and elective courses has been adjusted and the content of quality education has been increased, so the structure of the courses has been modified. In the university, the university elite courses and provincial elite courses have been constructed. After necessary investment and implement of the policy, not only were twenty-five courses elected the university elite courses, but also the quality of teaching staff has been improving. Experimental diagnostics and pathophysiology are two provincial elite courses.  

        At present, the university possesses eleven research institutions, which are pharmaceuticals research institution, lymph microcirculation and serious illness research institution, aetiology and immunology research institution, psychiatry and psychology research institution, medical imaging institution, food-science research institution, animal husbandry research institution, economy research institution, culture resource and property research institution, applied chemistry research institution, art study and designing research institution. All the institutions plays important role in the social development.  

        The university attaches great importance to the textbook edition. In the recent years, lots of professors hold the post of chief editor for many textbooks, such as: << Pharmacology >>, << Human Anatomy >>, << Histology and Embryology >> and so on, which are planned by the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health. Many textbooks, such as: << Pharmacology >>, have got national prize.  

        The university possesses a strong teaching force, with mentors of graduates at core and professors and associate professors as back bone. The university owns 150 professors and 450 associate professors, while engaging more than 80 famous scholars from home and abroad as honorable professors or part-time professors. Among teachers on staff, 30 persons are provincial-managed excellent experts, government-subsidized experts, or middle-aged or young experts with prominent achievements. Professor Zhangjing, the only winner of the First National University and College Excellent Teaching Prize, was elected outstanding contributing expert in Zhangjiakou, and Niu Chunyuand Zhang Danshen were elected provincial excellent talents.  

        During recent years, the university has been enhancing the investment in teaching and research infrastructuer. The campus inter-net, medical testing center, DNA testing center, multi-media classroom, frequency modulation and foreign language broadcasting station have been set up. In the library, there are 2922 kinds of journals, electronic reading room, documents disk checking system and more then ten kinds of date base, including PQDD, Spinger, and Link.  

        The university owns more than 200 places with excellent condition for teaching practice. Among them, there are two affiliated hospitals, 80 stable internship hospitals, 90 farms and veterinary hospitals and 90 schools for teachers¨ training.  

        At present, the new campus has been constructed and put into use. Eighty thousand square meters¨ teaching building and office building have been constructed in the east campus and 4000 students have moved into it. The west campus which is invested 300 million RMB has been constructing and will be put into use in 2007.  

        The university has been reinforced cooperation with foreign higher learning institutions. Up to now, many scholars from the institutions of American, Canada, Australia, Japan and other countries have been invited guest professors in the university, while schooling cooperation agreements between the university and the universities of German, Australia, Mongolia and other countries have been reached. Lots of teachers have been sent to the overseas institutions to study, so the overall knowledge standards of the teaching staff have been raising.  

        << The Journal Of Hebei North University >> ( medicine edition, social science edition and natural science edition ) has been publishing and distributing in the whole country.

        Coming in the new era, the teaching management system reform and inter management system are strengthened. At the same time, all the conditions are being improved, including teaching and equipment, technology and so on, so the whole teaching environment ameliorated. For the time being, in accordance with ^ basing on graduate¨s education, actively developing postgraduate¨s education, adapting to social needs, serving local economy, reinforcing science construction, improving teaching quality, making best to build the university into a modern and open multi-faculty university ¨¨ the whole staff are working hard to realize the great plan. We believe that a vigorous multi-faculty university will be outstanding in the north of China in the future.


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